My tech stack

I’ve read countless other ‘my tech stack’ blog posts and wanted to make my own.


Alfred 4 ($35 one time)

Replaces Apple’s search feature (Spotlight) and so much more. See my post about it here.

Magnet ($2.99 one time)

Allows you to snap your windows around. For example, easily snap two windows side by side taking up 50% of your screen width. Or 3 apps at 33.33% full screen…etc.

Toggl Track (Free plan)

Simple track time and categorization spent between projects.


Sublime Text 3 ($80 one time)

My preference for a code editor. Loads incredibly quickly and has pretty much everything I could ask for.

iTerm 2 (Free)

Terminal replacement with better design/layout options. Probably has other features but haven’t investigated too much. No learning curve assuming you’re already familiar with Terminal. ($5 per month)

Allows me to easily tunnel localhost to a publically accessable domain.


Heroku for Ruby on Rails projects.

DigitalOcean for everything else.


Namecheap & Google Domains. Doesn’t matter much, but I avoid GoDaddy.

Email, Chat

G-Suite by Google ($6.00 per month per user)

My go to for any email addresses I need set up with a custom domain.

Slack (Free plan)

Discord (Free plan)

Banking Automation

Astra Finance on iOS (Free)

Allows me to connect multiple bank accounts and set up simple rules for automated transfers between accounts. One of my favorites. For example, are you a freelancer? Create a routine to automatically transfer 30% of each incoming payment in your business checking account to set aside in your savings account for tax purposes.


1Password ($3.99 per month)

Beyond worth the price tag and slight learning curve. Can securely access all my passwords across devices and never forgot passwords anymore.

Note taking

Organized folders of .md and .txt files opened with code editor of my choice (Sublime Text 3)

Can quickly open notes using Alfred 4’s search feature as well.