Buy and setup a 301 redirect with Cloudflare only (Registrar and redirection)

it took a dumb amount of time for me to find the answer™ to the query:

> i just purchased a domain via Cloudflare (used Google Domains but no thanks SquareSpace)

> i set up email for it via Google Workplace, added gmail DNS records (automatically via Workplace setup where it recognizes you’re using Cloudflare and offers to do it for you)

> and of course in Cloudflare set up a 301 redirection rule via page rules

Why isn’t my domain redirecting then?! (Or resolving at all)

Go into your DNS settings in Cloudflare and add the very important two A records for “@” and “www”

For the IP address, enter

Adding the new record(s):

Adding the @ record… You’ll do this twice, once using @ for the hostname and once using www
When you’re done it should have these two records

Wtf is that IP address I’m entering? It’s a dummy Reserved IP address as described in this Cloudflare forum thread by Laudian:

I too first saw recommended… it’s not on the dedicated list but (1) i’m sure you’d be fine and (2) not my problem.

I used just to be safe *

* i placed all my trust in the first correct looking answer on the forum post (Thanks Laudian)